C.C. Jensen Ibérica, S.L.

Social Responsibility


Ever since the first prototype of a CJC oil filter started operating more than three quarters of a century ago, we have been dedicated to saving the environment. Back then – we didn’t even realize!

In the early days of our company the environment was not as much in focus as today. In fact reliability of the oil lubricated machinery was all it was about. However, as the decades went by a focus on preserving our Earth’s resources kept growing.

Our contribution to preserving the natural resources and reducing the CO2 emissions are centered around maximizing oil life.

By regularly changing your CJC oil filter inserts, you contribute to a healthy environment. Keeping the oil in machinery clean and dry will extend the oil life time. Thus changing the CJC filter inserts significantly reduces the consumption of the Earth’s resources. Your contribution to a cleaner future!