Filter Insert PA5601370 – VRi 27/27

The CJC™ Varnish Removal insert, VRi 27/27  is used in the CJC™ Varnish Removal Unit, VRU and is specially designed for efficient filtration/removal of soluble varnish in mineral and synthetic based:

  • hydraulic oils
  • turbine lube oils



Degradation Products
Varnish, oxidation by-products and resin/sludge are retained by the cellulose material. The cellulose will retain approximately 2 kg of soluble varnish.

The VRi 27/27 is documented not to affect the phenolic and aminic anti oxidant additive package of the oil.

The CJC™ Varnish Removal insert, VRi 27/27 consist of bonded double discs made of a cellulose blend. Three different types of cellulose fibres have been specially selected to obtain a filter that is efficient at removing soluble varnish.

This insert type is only functional if used in conjunction with the CJC™ Varnish Removal Unit, VRU. The special flow, characteristic of the CJC™ VRU, ensures crystallisation of soluble varnish from the oil.